Alpena, Michigan

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The River Center

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Help make your River Center

a reality. 

Embedded in the hillside of Duck Park, TBRC will be

  •  a thermometer of the watershed's health, 
  • a showcase of the river's long life
  • an example of our community's heart.

TBRC can only happen with


The Wildlife Sanctuary

Island Park 

Previously called Sportsman Island, and Oxbow Lake, the city-managed island houses 17 acres of varied and distinct ecosystems as well as extensive trail systems. Meadows, oak grove, pine forest and cedar marsh areas radiate with beauty and wildlife. Hike through the woodlands, or travel the gentle sloping trails along the 4,400 feet of Thunder Bay River shoreline. With a variety of ecosystems, no two paths are alike. There are several fishing platforms and a lookout area that is handicap accessible.
Island Park is located on the Thunder Bay River, at the corner of US-23 and Long Rapids Road. Access to the island is gained by way of a beautifully hand-hewn covered wooden bridge, created by Michael Kendziorski. The bridge and the island are closed to vehicles. (Please contact the city if additional access is needed to reach the handicapped accessible viewing area). Visitors are encouraged to remain on the trails to help preserve the fragile ecosystems of the island. Please, “Take only pictures, and leave only footprints.”
Duck Park

Duck Park offers fishing and a picnic area and provides a great vantage point for viewing a large variety of bird species in the sanctuary area. Kayak and Canoe rentals are available seasonally.