I began plein air painting in 1997 and it changed my life. I knew I had found what my inner artist had longed for. Soaking in the surrounding landscape is as important to me as the painting itself. The sights, sounds and smells all play a role in my energy and mood right up to the final stroke of color.

The Reel Fun Ice Fishing Tournament February 22, 2019 was a perfect day for ice fishing. 

Over 1,000 people joined the fun.

Events and Programs

2019 Artist, Richard Jordan

Water Quality Monitoring

River Rats

The Artist-In-Residence program is open to visual artists whose work will be influenced by the natural beauty of the Sanctuary and developed in their chosen medium.

Contact: markbeins@charter.net

On going water quality monitoring activities take place in partnership with schools throughout the Thunder Bay River Watershed. 

Invasive Species Management

A self-guided tour of the sanctuary waterways using the provided map and brochure.  (Canoes and kayaks are available for rent)

Blue Heron Water Trail

A hands-on environmental science summerprogram for elementary students. Sponsored by the City of Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary Board, the River Rats program is free to participants, and funded with grants and donations.  Click here to sign up

Artist in Residence

Alpena, Michigan

The River Center

Field­ based invasive species management training is offered in collaboration with Alpena Public Schools and Alpena Community College

The Donate button above will take you directly to the CFNEM River Center website.  Complete the form to make your donation at any time. 

Help make your River Center

a reality. 

Embedded in the hillside of Duck Park, TBRC will be

  •  a thermometer of the watershed's health, 
  • a showcase of the river's long life
  • an example of our community's heart.

TBRC can only happen with