Alpena, Michigan


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The River Center

Spring is Coming:

Although the beginning photos show our beautiful snowy weather in March, Spring is coming.

The first sign for many of us is the appearance of the Red-wing blackbird. The first one arrived March 12th in the Sanctuary. However, several were seen in the Alpena area a few days earlier.

As you walk through Island Park, watch carefully. Beneath the snow many signs of new life are beginning to emerge. Some of the foliage is showing swollen buds with just a hint of green.

Then in the next few weeks, spring will really come to northeast Michigan and the Sanctuary will burst into its springtime hues.

Help make your River Center a reality.  Embedded in the hillside of Duck Park, it will be an indicator of the watershed's health, a showcase of the river's long life, and an example of our community's heart. It can only happen with YOUR SUPPORT!


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